You might not call it the Crowning Glory, but Slovakia certainly is a bright jewel in the crown of Europe. A unique blend of urbane refinement and traditional legacy is what makes the country the heart of Europe and therefore a must visit place. There are quite a few reasons to visit this country, and 5 of them are listed below.

1. Architectural Delights

Spis-Castle-SlovakiaFlickr/Ronnie Macdonald

The country has undergone tremendous urbanization and modernization post World War II yet it retains some of the beautiful Stalinist architecture that leaves tourists awestruck. The castle of Spis, Jacob’s Palace and Dominican Church are pieces of history well preserved for tourists to enjoy.

2. Adrenaline Rush for Adventure Lovers

Slovensky-Raj-HikingWikimedia/Zdenek Svoboda

For adventure enthusiasts, Slovakia offers hiking spots like the Low Tatras and Slovensky Raj which are sure to give you a high! Skiing, mountain biking and river rafting are other activities that you can indulge in.

Horse riding tours are also available in the countryside for those who wish to experience the life in a real Slovak Village. These horse farms are a pure equestrian delight and help you bond with the beasts Slovakia style.

3. Nature Treats and Retreats


Slovakia has a huge variety of attractions for its tourists. If old buildings and adventure sports are not your thing, then you can relax and unwind at the Korytnica Spa which is one of Slovakia’s oldest spas. Located in the National Park under Low Tatras, the place is easily accessible and offers mineral massages and swimming. Just the ingredients for a treat to pamper yourself! You can also explore the mysteries of nature at the Domica Cave or the Dobsinska Ice Cave which will appeal to your earthy senses.

4. Rocking Nightlife

Bratislava-Old-TownFlickr/Guillaume Speurt

Nightlife in Slovakia is generally the most happening in Bratislava, the capital city. There are innumerable restaurants and unique funky-styled theme pubs that attract a flurry of young and old tourists alike.

5. Gastronome’s Haven

Bryndzove-Halusky-SlovakiaWikimedia/Gregory finster

Slovakian cuisine is simple, stews, soups and dumplings – equally delicious throughout Slovakia. You have to try the Bryndzové halusky and Sulance which are the national dishes of Slovakia.