London offers one of the best night club scenes in the world. It is an ideal hub for people who love partying all through the night.

The refreshing and charming scene of the night clubs in London keep you entertained all along. You get both fun and relaxation away from the routine life. Energetic shows, fine food, refreshing drinks, best DJs performance, music and dance are found in full form.

Here are some of the best nightclubs in London.

1. Ministry of Sound

Ministry–of–Sound–Best-Nightclubs-LondonWikimedia/Simon Green

Address: 103 Gaunt St, London SE1 6DP, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 870 060 0010

Opened in September of 1991, Ministry of Sound London has been a night club that has made and fixed its ranked place amongst the best nightclubs in London. The club is also located ideally for music lovers and has become a sort of brand name when it comes to clubbers worldwide.

The sound system itself in the club is played at most at 45 percent of its full capacity. At 100 percent the sound would for sure create records of being the loudest sound created by mankind. Each weekend there are about 5000 people going to this club, which has three dance floors and three bars.

There are DJs of fame who perform or help perform in this club, with names like Pete Tong and Paul Oakenfold making the rounds. The club therefore has a premiere standing and is open only on weekends. Though priced on the steeper side, it is a club worth spending money at for entertainment.

Originally, the building that the club is located in was a bus depot. In the early 90s when this club was formed, clubbing used to have a warehouse character attached to it. That was the reason this building had been selected.

The founder of the club, James Palumbo, had been inspired by the US house music movement. Since then the club has been source for the furthering of music of different genre as well as jumping spot for many DJ to get their name and fame.

Started as a worldwide music platform and lifestyle brand, Ministry of Sound is not only among the best night clubs in London, but is one of the most popular places in the world for clubbing.

2. Fabric


Address: 77A Charterhouse St, London EC1M 6HJ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 7336 8898

With a capacity to manage about 1500 to 2000 people, Fabric the chic night club has today become one of the most happening night spots of London.

Ranking among the best nightclubs in London, fabric is also the first club in Europe that has a “bodysonic” dance floor. The music varies from hip hop to drums ‘n’ bass, funk and house music that make the perfect ambience for revellers to enjoy with the right amount of friction under their feet.

The dance floor is designed for the purpose of dancing the night away. Though of course, for the one who is fonder of more sedate kind of rhythm, this dance floor can leave you embarrassed. The house music that they play, actually has the power to transport one to another planet is one is in the mood to enjoy the offering thoroughly.

The club attracts many DJs from across the globe and therefore is quite a hit in the party circles. The music is not crying out loud nor is blaring, which seems like quite a relief from the usual sound systems at clubs.

There are many low illuminated corners and enticing couches that can serve more purposes than just partying at the club, a fact which excites many of the younger club goers, though much to the chagrin of the owners!

Fabric is one club that one mustn’t miss if offered a chance visit. The club has the license to offer drinks, however not for serving food.

3. Heaven


Address: The Arches, Villiers Street, London WC2N 6NG, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 7930 2020

Charing Cross, Villiers Street, the Arches – go there to be in Heaven! Yes, this is the address for absolute bliss! Running house and garage tunes, Heaven is not only among most happening nightclubs in London but also one of the city’s finest gay clubs.

Gay couples have wished for freedom and the right to a normal life, including clubbing. There are now, thankfully many options that are available but Heaven is one of its kinds – chic, open and comfortable. To say that London’s gay community is privileged to have Heaven at its disposal would be an under-statement.

Heaven has been in existence for about 24 years now and it still excites the night through for clubbers, no wonder it is one of the best night clubs in London. All are welcome – heterosexuals, asexuals, homosexuals or for that matter anybody, who is looking at grooving the night away to their own kind of music. The club is sans discrimination and hosts everybody with equal spirit. The 20 plus resident DJs provide for ample music of almost all genres.

The services are pretty good with the club staff providing a lot more than just simple drinks and eatables. A peek is a freebie!

A person could be wearing false birds on hats, or the most minimal clothing or the straightest clothes ever, the club doesn’t mind! One just needs to decide what music they’re in the mood for and the music place is available.

Caution though – if you are straight, then chances are you may not get entry except on mixed nights! The place is very strict in implementing this policy and some guests are not too happy being rejected for not being sexually otherwise inclined!

4. Corsica Studios

Corsica–Studios–Best–Nightclubs–LondonFlickr/Dominic Simpson

Address: 4/5 Elephant Rd, London SE17 1LB, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 7703 4760

Right in the heart of Elephant and Castle, is a refined place to enjoy music and dance the night away.

Corsica Studios is a lively joint is situated at a three minute walk from the tube station and is surrounded by many other night clubs. With a capacity to house about 500 people, this two room night club provides space for the perfect night out.

The rooms are filled up with the Funktion One sound systems and fortunately it provides a smoking room that is covered which is quite a change from other clubs and night hang out joints.

The atmosphere in the club is lively and full of youngsters. The proximity to the Goldsmith University ensures that the clubbers age group remains young; however there are party goers of all age groups here.

The music is quite a replication of the crowd. All genres are played therefore making for an entertaining evening. From jazz to techno and electronic all kinds of music is available. Groups like Replex, Phonica Records and Trouble Vision sometimes use this space for their events.

The drinks are reasonably priced and thankfully served speedily. Without following the trend of queuing for drinks which has become the trend today in most places, the trained and polite staff serves drinks quickly and just as you ordered.

The DJ Magazine has voted Corsica among the best night clubs in London in the small club category and it is no surprise why. The ambience is cool, relaxed with reasonable priced drinks served by well mannered staff and the place houses one of the funkiest music systems – all in all an evening spent at Corsica Arts will be remembered fondly by all who go out for an evening jaunt there. 

5. Roof Gardens

Roof–Gardens–Best–Nightclubs–LondonFlickr/Paul Williams

Address: 99 Kensington High Street, London W8 5SA, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 7368 3992

If you want to go clubbing in London and find yourself in The Roof Gardens in Kensington then you can safely but triumphantly proclaim that you have arrived in the high society London circle!

Owned by the flamboyant and stylish Sir Richard Branson this high profile club is spread over one and half acres of rooftop land and divided into three garden variants. The first garden is in the English woodland style housing a lake filled with flamingos while the second one is a Tudor garden with a fountain, the third one is a Spanish garden consisting of palm trees. The venue has a capacity for hosting 120 people at any given time. All this makes Roof Gardens one of the swankiest night clubs in London.

There are two bars to serve the customers without any waiting (a huge shocker, compared to other clubs) and the restaurants dish out a lavish spread! The view of West London from Babylon, the restaurant is absolutely spellbinding! The perfectly lit club makes for a wonderful clubbing scene and the music is lively and foot tapping!

While the service at the VIP quarters is obviously good, customers are attended to outstandingly good even at the bar! In fact unlike many other clubs, The Roof Garden’s doormen are probably the best in the class and ensure that unwanted guests are kept at bay!

The pricing is just right at The Roof Gardens considering the fun that they provide to an evening. The bar may seem a little pricey though. However, the service and the overall ambience more than make up for every cent spent in The Roof Gardens! In fact the view itself, it worth much more!

6. Cable

Cable–Best–Nightclubs–LondonFlickr/Mark Hillary

Address:  Unit 3 Holyrood Court, London, SE1 2EL, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 020 7403 7730

If you are looking for just the perfect location to club away the night in London, look no further because Cable comes to your rescue.

Diverse music and a great parlour room that connects two bars which serve 24 hours a day – there is almost nothing more that can be demanded of a night club! The DJs play all kinds of music – drums, bass, eclectic, electro etc. The range of music also shifts between deep bass to big and sometimes bad to a lot of “deesh-doom”!

What the club masters have got right is the kind of music that this underground club plays. The DJ line is one of the best that one can find in London. They have the best sound system to their disposal and the DJs make the best use of them! Yes, there is a lot of “best” going on there.

Saul-Circo Loco, Weatherall, Fake Blood are some of the popular names that have done nights at the club! The place is also an attractive option for various newcomers to show off their skills at their craft, which makes it a more attractive prospective to party there for upcoming bands! They dish out music from all times and genres, and consistently for all nights.

The industrial look and feel of the Cable makes for a big, comfortable and fun surrounding, and also make it one of the most popular nightclubs in London. The staff, right from the doormen to the servicing people make one feel welcome and wanted. The smiles don’t fade and the attendance levels don’t drop, no almost never! But they are strict about who they allow inside and so an ID card becomes a necessity, whatever be your age!

7. Rhythm Factory

Rhythm–Factory–Best–Nightclubs–LondonFlickr/Matt Lucht

Address: 16-18 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1EW, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 7375 3774

Loyal and patient fan following is what is most famous about the Rhythm Factory as a club house.

It has one of the best music offering underground club that has the permit to keep on the show till about 7am. This makes it an added attraction for heavers and faithful music lovers, who want nothing better than to start their early morning with the sound of music.

Located in an unlikely area, just beside the biggest mosque in London in its Eastern part, Rhythm Factory can house around 450 people in full capacity. The main bar carries large pictures of Ike and Tina Turner and Mick Jagger clearly setting its priorities in the right place. The interiors consist of a large floor ideal for live performances while the smaller room making way for DJ performances.

With all kinds of music from ska, reggae to “d’n’b” playing, the atmosphere is charged and lively, the entrance bar provides some relief with its calming light. The over used leather sofas strewn across the floors is usually where one finds tired dancers after a night of all out fun. The more personal club room is best visited when it is heaving with activity of people.

The dance floors have been graced by many famous voices and groups such as Beat Redemption, Chew the Fat, Glasswerk giving the clear message that the club means music.

The two bars are enough for the thirsty throats visiting the bar with one of them serving spirits and draughts while the second one offering a large variety in bottled beers.

This club house is unpretentious and very honest – they offer good music, reasonably rated drinks and incredible sounds for their fans, new are welcome, old are always there!

8. Dogstar

Dogstar–Best–Nightclubs–LondonFlickr/Ewan Munro

Address: 389 Coldharbour Ln, London SW9 8LQ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 7733 7515

Dogstar is one of the original nightclubs in London, which is now redone to suit the 21st century party needs. Based out of Brixton, South London, this place is proof of the fact that a laid back attitude, reasonably priced drinks and great sounding music does equal to a great evening out.

In case you don’t want to clean up bottles from the room while still enjoy an evening with friends just as you would at home, Dogstar is the place. It is wrong to define this place as either a bar or club or pub. By the day Dogstar is a quiet hangout turning into an energetic and lively club as the day ends.

During the day, there are sofas to sit and enjoy while on weekends the tables are cleared to make space for the dance floor. The music played at the club is as lively and varied as the experience that it provides to the party reveller. Live bands, national and international DJs and resident players all dish out a mix of music from rock and roll, reggae, funk and electro and hip’n’hop.

While there are high profile guests who are regulars here like Brian Lara, Gallagher brothers and Basement Jaxx, there are also lesser known mortals who party out here. This place attracts the indie pop variety as well as the blinged up youngsters. The mixed crowd at the bar is an attraction.

The El Panzon, the in house restaurant offers great Mexican food favoured on both sides of the river. The tortillas, quesadillas, corn-fed chicken mole are some offerings that should be tried. The chef also offers vegetarian fare for the green food lovers.

The drinks menu is simple and limited but very pleasing. There are cream and fruit drinks along with draught beer.

An evening here is meant for the non pretentious kind of people. So bring your attitude but no put on acts. Brixton is a place that one cannot deny is one of the liveliest offerings of London, and Dogstar adds up as the fitting club here.

9. Old Blue Last


Address: 38 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3ES, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 7739 7033

If you are new to London, or want to hang out in a place rubbing shoulders with strangers and do your people watching act, or in case you want to check out some really bizarre haircuts and culminating music scenes, then a visit to the Old Blue Last is absolutely recommended.

This night club in London, refurbished in 2010, is an ideal location for youngsters to let down their hair and party in the way they like most i.e. their way. Snugly situated in the corner of Great Eastern street and Curtain Road, the entrance of the club is quite grandly done in a Victorian style. Having gotten rid of the older tiles and out dated interiors, the club now houses very comfortable leather seating and an easy to access dance floor from the lounge. The upper floor of the club is more intimate and usually sees a full crowd over weekends.

The level of entertainment that you enjoy at the club will greatly depend on the day of your visit to the club. From light headed fun to absolute grave fun and in between, the club offers all of it. The live bands, of course, draw huge fans and the pavement outside does become as busy as the club insides on those nights.

From Machine to the Drums to Florence, many world renowned DJs have been upstage at this club enriching the history. Drinks are reasonably priced with many options on draught and bottled beers.

Give the place a shot in case you are looking at enjoying a night out with somebody or even alone. Old Blue London promises as much fun.

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