Akyaka is a small village out of the way from the mainstream of the important tourist hubs of Turkey. The place gives you a beautiful, tranquil feeling because it is located besides a river. Though it is not so well known and popular among foreign tourists, it is a favorite destination for the local people who come here to spend their time in the restaurants and walk through the woods, full of pine trees, to the small beach.


At the beach you can find young couples and families idling their time. The water is shallow and clear. Akyaka is about a 40 minutes drive through the mountains from the old town of Mugla, which has one of the best markets of the area. It is located on the easternmost point of the beautiful Bay of Gökova.  Akyaka is also famous for its wrought iron lamps, hand dyed fabrics and fresh vegetables and fruits. You can also find and eat some of the best chicken kebabs here, the taste of which will remain forever etched in your memory.

After spending some time in Akyaka you can take a boat and go to the Cedar Island and visit the famous Kleopatra Beach. The sand in the beach is protected and so you cannot bring in slippers and towels with you. You also have to have a shower as you leave the beach in order to make sure that you are not carrying the sand with you as you leave. There are some historical places near about which can be visited or you can have a sun bath by the olive trees.

There is also no problem so far as accommodation is concerned as the place is full of villas, constructed in the traditional Mugla style of architecture, which can be hired for the duration of the stay. Quite a few of them are just about a 10 minutes’ walk from the beach, riverside restaurants and the village. Many of them have their own swimming pools with a view of the sea, the Sakar Mountain and the olive groves and citrus trees.

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