Enjoying a budget vacation in Barcelona doesn’t mean you can’t take pleasure on the local foods, sights and culture. Organizing your tour to obtain the most effective use of money, time and resources is important to staying within budget. Therefore, your first tip on budget traveling to Barcelona will be to choose sites which you wish to visit before leaving on your journey. Take a map and plot those destinations where you want to visit.

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Budget Travel in Barcelona

1. Getting around the city of Barcelona is fairly inexpensive and simple. Put on your walking shoes and get ready to cover a few miles. You must plan your sightseeing tour to catch the best of attractions close to one another and in the same neighborhoods. Barcelona is a pedestrian friendly and compact city. Walking to your destination offers a multitude of sights and colors which would be missed in a cab or metro.

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2. You may consider having a 10 trip card or a 2 to 3 day pass. Both of these allow ride on the underground trains and city buses. However, you have to decide which one of them will be more pocket friendly for you. You can buy these at the metro stations in Barcelona.

3. Choose to eat where the locals usually eat. Learning about the ropes of eating out in Barcelona may assist you to stay within your own budget. Visit any local bar or coffee house for set breakfast, including toast and coffee. The prices of set breakfast are much lower than ordering items individually.

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4. Eating a large meal for lunch is common in Spain. You can look for best deals at the midday or ‘menu del dia’. This generally includes three course meal, including drinks for excellent price. Always seek places which are off the main streets. If you walk just off the few blocks into the neighborhood and select a place to eat then you get to save some money and enjoy a more authentic ambiance.

5. Last but not the least, another budget traveling tip to Barcelona will be to attend or visit scores of free events taking place in the city. Consider traveling on every first Sunday of a month. This is when the city museums allow you free entrance in major museums including Picasso Museum.