Budapest is one of the most happening destinations in Europe. This cosmopolitan city can offer you a great getaway from your hectic schedule. One thing which will be of great interest is its wide variety of free and affordable things to do around the town which will keep you very busy all day.

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Budget Travel in Budapest

1. Perhaps the most popular destination, Castle Hill, Budapest is open for free to everyone. There’s no fee to enter and move around the surrounds and grounds of the Castle Hill, which includes most marvelous exteriors of the Fisherman’s Bastion and the Royal Palace. These are most definitely some of the best vacation spots in the city.

2. If you’re a student and visiting Budapest, then you can make use of the International Student Identity Card holders. The card holders can get in the Castle Museum for free on every first Saturday of each month.

3. Apart from these, walking can be another free activity. Walking on one of the picturesque bridges which connect two sides of the city across Danube can be a great way to enjoy your stay in Budapest.

4. One of the popular bridges is the Széchenyi Chain Bridge that is a suspension bridge which dates back to year 1849. There is a pedestrian footpath which runs along one side of the bridge. This absolutely stunning bridge and unnerving shake can be an unforgettable experience to see the entire city, and you get this magnificent panoramic view for free!

5. While in Budapest, you can find cheap beers, depending upon the part of the city you are in and in which bar you are visiting. Hungarians love beer and the country also has its own wine producing area which knocks out some of the highly underrated and fantastic wines. If you wish to sample some, go ahead into any convenience store or a supermarket and get a bottle or two. 

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