With the mere mention of the State of California, one conjures up images of glamour, beaches, sun, palm trees, and Hollywood.  Fun is the name of the game here.  Boy, does a Californian know how to have a good time!  The elixir of youth and vibrancy, Los Angeles is the Mecca for people with a work hard and party harder attitude. Carving their own space in all of this, are the thriving amusement parks of California.

Amusement-Park-CaliforniaFlickr/Vincent Lock

Enter the world of fantasy and magic when you step through the thronging gates of Disneyland.  Forget about the harsh realities of the world when you melt in the arms of Mickey Mouse affectionately giving you a tight welcome hug.  Careen your way into the canal of the castle encompassing a diaspora of the world with the famous song “it’s a small world” playing in the backdrop.  Become a space warrior riding into the galaxy when you ride through “Space Mountain” and then head straight to the haunted mansion where your bravery will be put to the test.

Raging Waters is California’s largest water park with the most thrilling and spine tingling rides around.  Not recommended for the light hearted, those with “bring it on” attitude are the ones who thrive in this water kingdom.

Knotts Berry Farm, America’s first theme park, caters to the young and elder members of the family.  There is something there for everyone as you walk through an era where the West Coast was nothing more than an unexplored rugged land with many untapped opportunities.

The abominable Six Flags Magic Mountain is a dream come true for the daredevil in you.  The Colossus, a rickety wooden roller coaster which leaves your stomach in your mouth gives you a high from the adrenaline rush.  This is the place where they dare to rate the rides on the thrill factor and you decide if you are really cut out for!

These thriving theme parks are just a tip of the iceberg on the fun quotient that California takes pride in scoring very highly on.

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