Ah! The wonders that it holds! It’s captivating beauty, the serenity in the air and mind boggling history transcends you to another place altogether. This is Campo de’ Fiori or what they call the ‘field of flowers’ in Italian.


A small rectangular square in Rome, near the Piazza Navona, on the border of rione Regola and rione Parione, this land has the ability to mesmerize you with all the amazing things that it has to offer its visitors! With the great philosopher Giordano Bruno’s monument taking position in the centre of the square, this place has a unique history which captures the attention of both kids and adults alike.

The square was once an unused piece of land, between the Pompey’s theatre and the river Tibet, and was often flooded. Therefore, it was unoccupied by civilization for many years. It was only in the fifteenth century that it started shaping up. Since no project planning was implemented so one can easily see the non- uniformity in the architecture of the buildings. But that, nevertheless, adds a touch of rustic beauty to the place!

This place has a fascinating history of its own as the rest of Europe as many public executions once used to take place in this square. The most famous one was that of Bruno, as the empire thought of his ideas as devious and dangerous for the public masses to hear. But more than three hundred years later, with the empire becoming more liberal, Bruno was honoured by Ettore Ferrari, a famous philosopher and sculptor of his time, by placing his giant statue in the centre of the square. Even today, the statue of Bruno remains the star attraction of Campo de’ Fiori.

Times might have changed, but to any traveller’s delight the rustic and historical heritage of the square remains intact. It still remains a very busy piazza. Most people who visit this place for the first time are surprised to hear how the place has managed to remain unaffected by the changing times. A vegetable and fish market is held here every single morning, its origin going back to 1869! However, what has changed is that the meadows have been removed, and the La Terrina waters fresh flowers today instead of it being used as a place for bathing cattle.

Campo de’ Fiori comes alive at night when it turns into a rather romantic place with young couples from Italy and other places from around the world enjoying some old cafes and new trendy nightspots.

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