Situated at the East end of Bloomsbury, Clerkenwell is a part of Islington. Known as ‘Little Italy’ between 1850s and 1960s due to a large amount of Italian population residing there, the area is now a trendy and hip residential area.


Though the Industrial Revolution did much good to Clerkenwell London, the Second World War saw a drastic Industrial decline. The revival process commenced in the 1990s and today Clerkenwell is going strong. It boasts of fashionable and modern residents who are not afraid to be what they are. The area represents youth and a certain vigor which is characteristic only of Clerkenwell.

In the past, Clerkenwell had a religious environment inhabiting a nunnery and a priory. The famous St. Bartholomew’s church which featured in the movie ‘Shakespeare in Love’ is a remnant of this monastic past. Apart from a few touches here and there, the whole scenario is completely different from what it was centuries ago.

Clerkenwell London is now home to exotic clubs such as Fabric and though Turnmill shut down in 2008, the area itself is a hub for tourists and local folks alike. London’s premier Gastropub, The Eagle, made a grand entrance in 1991 and since then it has become a sensation.

Bustling with places of interest which capture everyone’s attention, Clerkenwell can never be a bore. The Sandlers Wells is famous for contemporary dance and you can certainly shake a leg while you’re there.  The Dazed and Confused Gallery is as unique as its name and you can enjoy the photography exhibitions there.

The Smithfield Market, popular for being a reputed meat market through several ages begins at 5.30 am and you can satisfy your appetite as early as that! There are an endless number of pubs, bars, nightclubs and such entertainments which will keep you ‘high’ on life.

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