Just driving a 10 km stretch (which takes about twenty minutes) from the south of Oludeniz in Turkey, you can find an awesome and beautiful valley known as the ‘Butterfly Valley’ and then Faralya a small delightful village.

Faralya–TurkeyWikimedia/The Aga

When you reach the village of Faralya, you feel as if you have come into some other world. The road which bends along the sea beach slowly winds itself up and then climbs upwards vigorously around the valley to a sheer beautiful boat accessible beach at the bottom, known as Faralya.

Faralya is a small village which mercifully lacks some of the most modern amenities that are found in the large towns and cities of Turkey. The village is a perfect retreat for walkers and those who love nature or those who are simply searching for some tranquility and relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of the modern city.

Though Faralya is a small village, you can find some small and exclusive hotels and pensions. Therefore, those who are nature lovers can enjoy the countryside and view the vast expanses of the Mediterranean Sea without making any sacrifice of their comforts they are so used to.

The village of Faralya is famous for the pide (a kind of Turkish flatbreads) and the delicious Corba (a Turkish soup). After tasting the delightful Turkish delights, you can proceed to the Lycian Way, which is long distance walking route which runs through the village.

The LycianTrail once linked Faralya with the ancient cities of Lycia. The trail holds the secrets and mysteries of more than 3000 years, because as you walk down the trail, you can view the ancient cave dwellings and the city remains belonging to the Lycian, Roman and the Byzantine period, as well as the rock cut tombs. Here, you can also find some good kayaking facilities and also watch the dolphins in the sea which often glide by in the mornings and evenings.

After trekking through the pine forest and the waterfalls that are in abound here, you can swim in the Kabak bay or spend a wonderful day in Aktas Beach, which is a magnificent beach with large, white and flat stones surrounded by woods, where you can hear the murmurings of the sea and the rustlings of the leaves, as the wind blows silently through the forest.

Faralya is an unspoiled beauty where you can spend your time in peace and take a breather from the fast pace of the modern lifestyle and start afresh with renewed energy and enthusiasm. So while in Turkey, do not forget to visit Faralya. This is a decision you will never regret!

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