The deep blue waters of the sea gathering its reflection from the vast sky above it, with fresh air gushing past your hair and the waters from the sea running through your fingers as you walk by the coast of Ireland, is one of the best feelings I have ever experienced!

Cliffs-of-Moher-IrelandFlickr/Jennifer Boyer

I am particularly fond of nature so when I got a chance to travel all the cities laying along the coastline of Ireland, I knew there was no way I was going to miss such an opportunity! So, finally I decided to visit the cities of Wexford, Kilkenny, Dingle Peninsula, Clare Island and Cliffs of Moher along with many other small towns and tourist attractions.

It was impressive to note that nature made a distinction between the western shores of Ireland, that lie on the full fury of the Atlantic, from those that are comparatively more sheltered in some ways lying towards the eastern part. One can easily find some actively eroding cliffs that are spread all the way through the west coast. I had a lot of fun taking their pictures, especially of the famous cliffs at Croaghaun on Achill Island and Moher.

The terrain as I mentioned before is quite varying! The cliffs reached heights of almost three hundred meters at the Slieve League in Co. Donegal while along the southern parts of the coast I had an amazing time at the spectacular Old Head of Kinsale. As I walked through the sandy beaches of this beautiful coast, my attention went towards the fact that how a thin piece of land, joining the mainland to the headland, was made up almost entirely of sandstone.

The lush vegetation and mild climate add to the beauty of the Irish coastline, however the area sees its fair share, namely 10 days, of below freezing temperature during the winter months and you may want to avoid making your trip during this time. The aquatic wildlife consists of dolphins, sharks, seal, sea turtles and whales; and, if you are lucky then you can spot a flock of dolphins while you drive along the coastline.

On my trip I realized how active erosion had also started taking place in the coastlines of Ireland especially at Co. Dublin, Wicklow, Killiney and at Blackwater in Co. Wexford. When I asked the life guard at a beach for the reason I was informed that this happened because the clay materials, however beautiful, were still very vulnerable along the shore. Although I could not travel the entire 3171 kilometers of coastline that Ireland boasts of, still I had an amazing time travelling through the great stretch of runs from the Cahore point located in Wicklow to the Raven located in the Wexford Harbour.

Rory, London

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