James Bond movies have always been synonymous with spectacular locales, and the 24th film ‐ Spectre ‐ is no different. Spectre shooting locations are an interesting mix of exquisite places from three continents, which include snowy peaks of the Alps and the sandy terrain of the Sahara among others.

The movie, scheduled for release on 6th November 2015, will see Daniel Craig reprising his role as 007 and also stars Monica Bellucci. The story revolves around a cryptic message from an unlikely source which propels the double agent to find out about a menacing organization that goes by the acronym SPECTRE.

Of course a fair part of the movie has been shot in Pinewood Studios, London but for all of you who want to travel like James Bond and see all the stunning places that he gets to visit, here is a list of the beautiful destinations from Spectre.

James Bond Spectre Locations

1. Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, England

Spectre-Locations-Blenheim-Palace-EnglandFlickr/Sheila Sund

The 18th century Blenheim Palace in England’s Oxfordshire County will be used as a substitute for a location in Rome, during the course of the 24th James Bond movie, Spectre.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Blenheim Palace is actually a country house and is listed amongst the largest houses in England. It is also the main residence of the Dukes of Marlborough and was built in the English Baroque style. Sir Winston Churchill was born here. The palace along with its parks and gardens are a major tourist attraction in the county.

Popular Attractions near Blenheim Palace: Oxfordshire Museum

2. Sölden, Austria


The alpine town of Sölden in Austria’s Tyrol region will play a major part as one of the Spectre locations. Places to be filmed in this area include Reenbach glacier and Ötztal Glacier Road. We can very well visualize a pursuit sequence down the slopes.

Sölden is one of the most popular ski resorts in Austria and a paradise for skiers. It also hosts the first FIS Alpine Ski World Cup of the season. The place is not only a haven for skiing enthusiasts but also those interested in tobogganing and ice skating, besides giving an opportunity for canyoning, rafting and paragliding. Apart from being a hot spot for adrenalin junkies, the landscape also bowls over visitors with its stunning beauty.

Popular Attractions in Sölden: Hohler Stein, History Museum, Ötzi village, Aqua Dome in Längenfeld

Popular Skiing Destinations

3. Obertilliach, Austria



Obertilliach is another mountainous location from Austria that will be shown in the 24th Bond movie. With its skiing facilities, it remains to be seen if this place will be used in continuation with Sölden.

A pretty mountain village in the Tyrol region, that offers panoramic views of the Dolomites and Carnic Alps, Obertilliach lets you get really close to nature. It is also an ideal spot for biathletes and adventure sports enthusiasts, and one can engage in cross country skiing, hiking, paragliding as well as mountaineering.

Popular Attractions in Obertilliach: Golzentipp Ski Resort

4. Lake Altaussee, Austria

Spectre-Locations-Lake-Altaussee-Austria    Flickr/Gerhard Haindl

The picturesque Lake Altaussee situated in the spa town of the same name in Austria makes for a stunning image, looking right out of a postcard. We can totally imagine James Bond doing a water chase here.

Ranked as one of the most ethereal lakes in Salzkammergut, Lake Altaussee occupies space at the foot of the Loser Mountain (yes that is what the mountain is called, no kidding!). The crystal clear lake is also known as the dark blue inkpot owing to its colour. One can spend an idyllic day here rowing, bathing, swimming or fishing.

Popular Attractions Near Lake Altaussee: Loser Panorama Road, Loser Ski Resort, Altaussee Saltmine

Rome, Italy

Spectre-Locations-Ponte-Sisto-Rome                                                                                     Flickr/Anthony Majanlahti

The capital city of Italy, Rome hosts some really adrenalin rich actions that include a car chase shot along the Tiber River, as well a parachute landing at the Ponte Sisto bridge. Areas around the Vatican, Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona will also be part of the film’s frames.

Once a cradle to one of the greatest civilizations that the world has ever seen – Rome needs no introduction.  A rich historical legacy coupled with the best of a modern day cosmopolitan ambience makes the city one of the most visited destinations on the globe.

Popular Attractions in Rome: Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museums, Spanish Steps

The Fascinating Campo de’ Fiori near Piazza Navona

Mexico City, Mexico

Spectre-Locations-Mexico-CityFlickr/Lars Plougmann

It will be interesting to see how Mexico City will be incorporated in Spectre as there are innumerable possibilities for hosting a shoot here.

One of the largest cities in the world, Mexico City is a haven for travellers as there is so much to do and see. Also known as the city of palaces, owing to a large number of stately buildings, Mexico City holds the top spot for the place with one of the highest numbers of museums. Historical buildings and impressive landmarks are found in nearly every other area in this impressive city.

Popular Attractions in Mexico City: Chapultepec, Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlán, National Museum of Anthropology, National Palace, Basílica de Guadalupe, Frieda Kahlo Museum

Paradise in Mexico

7. Tangier, Morocco


Tangier is no unfamiliar territory for 007, and this beautiful Moroccan city was seen in The Living Daylights where Timothy Dalton played the double agent.

With a rich heritage that takes in from Spanish, French, Portuguese and African cultures, Tangier in Morocco is a fascinating city that has a heady blend of everything that makes for an exotic holiday destination. Its golden beaches, lively squares, avant garde cafes and the landmark medina give a distinct character to the city.

Popular Attractions in Tangier: Dar el Makhzen, Forbes Museum of Tangier, The American Legation, Kasbah, Tomb of Ibn Battouta, Teatro Cervantes, Hercules Cave (Grottes d’Hercules)

(Also see the popular attractions in Morocco’s most popular destination, Marrakech)

8. Oujda, Morocco

Spectre-Locations-Oujda-MoroccoFlickr/Soufiane M

The capital of the Oriental region of Morocco, Oujda will make a fascinating location for Spectre.

With its traditional Moroccan architecture and labyrinth of alleys, Oujda gives one a feel of real Morocco, untainted by typical tourism gimmicks. The spectacular peaks of the Rif Mountains, the sandy dunes of the Sahara desert and the glittering blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea are all within easy access from the city.

Popular Attractions in Oujda: Ancient Mirador, Oujda Church, Souk El Ma, Dar Sebti Palace

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9. Erfoud, Morocco

Spectra-Locations-Erfoud-MoroccoFlickr/Andrew A

Already a popular filming location for Hollywood with movies like Prince of Persia and The Mummy being shot here, the oasis town of Erfoud in Morocco will be next seen among Spectre locations.

Situated in the middle of one of the most captivating sceneries in Morocco, Erfoud in the Maghreb region is also known as the Gate of Sahara Desert. Therefore, it is but natural that the town acts as a pit stop before entering the lap of the Sahara.

Popular Attractions in Erfoud: Trip to the Saharan Dunes of Erg Chebbi, Dunes of Mergouza, Erfoud Royal Palace, Maadid Ancient Ksar, Borj-Est, Souq, Carrières de fossiles

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