King’s Cross London has not been very consistent as far as its reputation is concerned. The area was infamously popular for being a red light district with squalid surroundings.


Wikimedia/Bert Seghers

However, it got a makeover in the mid 1990s when the renewal and regeneration process began and completely over shadowed the run-down tag which King’s Cross had earned.

A prominent change also came about when in 2007; King’s Cross became a terminus of the Eurostar rail service extending its services to France and Belgium. With these developments taking place in this area, it has become a hub for tourists now that restaurants, pubs and bars are coming up in the region.

While during the day you can visit British Library, Bloomsbury theatre and the various exhibitions which greet you in King’s Cross. Here, you can get a glimpse of the cultural scene in London with traditional forms of entertainment to keep you entertained. In fact the British Library consists of over 25 million books and historical manuscripts. The nightlife takes on an entirely different turn with hip clubs such Egg, Scala and the Big Chill House. Such variety makes King’s Cross an ideal place to provide you with diverse forms for amusement.

King’s Cross London doesn’t disappoint shopping lovers. You cannot leave empty handed once you’re headed here for shopping. The Brunswick offers the latest in shopping. There are more than forty shops, innumerable restaurants and the Renoir cinema. All in all, compulsive shoppers will find all their wishes fulfilled and will be near satisfied when the day comes to a close.

Over time, Kings Cross has become a refined and distinguished area. The seedy aspect that was once characteristic of the place has now disappeared. Instead, it has acquired a new dimension which makes it a complete tourist attraction spot. With so much to see and do in King’s Cross, you should not miss it for anything.

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