Ladbroke Grove is actually a road which is in West London and the immediate area surrounding the road is known as Ladbroke Grove. It is situated in North Kensington. It leads the way to the annual carnival of Notting Hills.

Ladbroke-Grove-LondonWikimedia/John Salmon

Along this route lies the Ladbroke Grove tube station which is nearest to the Portobello Road Market.  In the mid nineteenth century, Ladbroke Estate was developed by James Weller Ladbroke and subsequently the road was named after him.

The area still retains some of the stucco brick houses that were built in the 19th century. In fact, it is considered as one of the most fashionable and expensive localities in London.

This place got its momentum when Tory politicians and comedians like Harry Enfield started to live here. This was the time when property developers joined hand to completely change the look of the place. Subsequently, Ladbroke Grove London became home to musicians, and turned into a vibrant colony of artists. There are many bars in this place and some of them have live music playing in the background, while snazzy drinks do a round of the place. This place is often compared to the famous Greenwich Village in New York and Haight Ashbury in San Francisco.

Landbroke Grove was a prime centre of the British underground for a period of forty years. The 60s Cultural Revolution is the legacy of this place when the country was swept by the cultural transformation.

This area is the birth place of many underground bands and clubs like UFO and the summer of love, 14 hours and many others which flourished in the undergrounds of Ladbroke Grove London. Drugs were very synonymous with the underground music and common among the musicians. The rock stars were the first to try out the psychedelic drug often termed as LSD which ultimately became quite common among the other musician and music fans. Many termed this period as an era of experiments rather than creation, and it all found a convenient starting and melting point in this area.

Ladbroke Grove is like a holy place for all the underground music fans. However, the old classics tunes can be heard in many corners of the town and especially at public places like bars and pubs. Don’t think twice before going to this place. You will love it, and feel like a part of it. This place definitely has a strong musical history, which makes many people throng the area.

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