Every time I start getting that lousy sinking feeling, I close my eyes and transport myself to my very own Wonderland…Lake District, England.

Lake-District-EnglandFlickr/Les Haines

The people of this region are truly amongst the blessed creatures of God as they have been placed in heaven on this very Earth itself.  Just a smooth 5 hour journey from London, the lustrous green landscape which looks freshly mowed stretches over miles of hilly terrain with lakes nestled in between.

The best way to get there is just go without anything planned and let the countryside unfold its treasures before your eyes.  Driving yourself makes you an absolute free bird so you can ponder over the places which appeal to you at your leisure or skip the ones which are “been there, done that”.

A Tom-Tom is all that you need and it will guide you from London past Lancaster up to England’s most northerly town Carlisle and Windemere. Getting to Carlisle and Windemere you will find yourself veering through the famed English countryside that will look like you are looking at a postcard.  The white and black spotted cows grazing along the prairie with the chimneys on the beautiful stone houses bellowing gray smoke unveil a completely different frontier for us city mongers.

Land up at the many cozy beds and breakfast that dot the area where you will be welcomed with a warm bed and famous English breakfast with fresh orange juice in the morning.  Do not miss Carlisle Castle and Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery which lie right in the heart of this historically well preserved town.  Just an earshot away is the magnificent Carlisle Cathedral which houses a 14th century stained glass east window not to be missed.  Just a small distance away is the Hadrian’s Wall, a memorabilia of time passed where the Roman Empire have left their footprint on the United Kingdom.

Once is not enough to satisfy your soul so Lake District has to be seen over and over again, just the way I see it etched in my thoughts forever.

Sharon, London

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