Leicester Square is the hub of all activity in London. Not only is it situated right in the middle of London, but it is also the center of tourist attraction. Leicester Square is enclosed by Lisle Street, Charing Cross Road, Orange Street and Whitcomb Road. Studded within these prime locations, Leicester Square ceases to be just a pedestrianised Square and has become a symbol which represents the active and fast paced life in London.

Leicester-Square-LondonWikimedia/don cload

Located conveniently in Westminster city, Leicester Square lies within a range of 400 yards from Covent Garden, Cambridge Circus, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square. This makes it easily accessible and crowded almost at all hours of the day.

Named after the Earl of Leicester, Robert Sidney, who built his Leicester House, this Square underwent development only in the 1670s. It was in the 18th century that Leicester Square London became popular for all sorts of amusements for common people as well. By the next century, the Alhambra Theatre was built here and it gained immense acceptance by everyone. Since then, Leicester Square London is West End’s entertainment nucleus.

With the 1993 clean up of the area, Leicester Square was avoided during nighttime by many due to the junkies inhabiting the area. Now, post the clean up people can venture in Leicester square London is crowded be it night or day. Movies in various theatres are the major attraction here and you will find yourself short of a few pounds depending on the movie and the theatre you choose for a particular trip to Leicester Square.

The hustle-bustle is never ending at the busiest Square in London and it has something for everyone. Apart from theatre, there are pubs and bars scattered all around to keep you occupied as per your requirement. The old world charm that the statuettes such as that of Shakespeare create and the flurry of modern amusements make Leicester Square London a pure treat for tourists.

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