There is definitely a strong reason why Limerick is often known as ‘the historical centre’ of West Ireland. Its history goes back all the way to the time it was established by the Vikings on King’s Island as a walled city in 812 and its charter was drawn in 1197.

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It was in 1200 that a great castle was built on the orders of King John. Having being besieged thrice in the seventeenth century, the famous Treaty of Limerick was signed followed by the Act of Union in 1800. The depression lasted almost two centuries surviving through the Great Irish famine and the Irish War of Independence. The city’s economy saw a set back during the Second World War. It was in 1990s that it started to progress. Today it has emerged as a famous tourist hotspot with many attractions.

Adare Heritage: Located in the heart of Ireland’s Adare, Co. Limerick it is an informational centre that tells tourists about the area’s unique history from the time the Anglo-Normans came in 1190 to the present times. It tells the story through almost real enactments. Tours are offered in the Desmond Castle from the first of June to September end. The castle, in all likelihood, could be one of the biggest fortresses that you might lay their eyes on. Totally worth a see!

King John’s Castle: Lying in the heart of Limerick is the Castle of King John overlooking the majestic Shannon. The construction of the castle spanned over ten years from 1200 to 1210 and was repaired and beautified many times later in the course of history. The imaginative design of the castle tells its own story, in a sense. The courtyards boast of valour and might, which is binding feature of the castles around here.

The Hunt Museum: You may find the name a bit strange, The Hunt Museum, but it houses collections of some brilliant objects. But, were they truly ‘hunted’ down through history and brought here? Not the right explanation, but at least that’s how one might end up interpreting the name. However, keeping such running imagination aside, the place was actually named after the Hunt family that donated the collection quite generously. Names like Picasso, Gauguin and Renoir help boost this legendary museum that boasts of its thematic, archaeological and other findings.

With its many attractions and activities, that include a unique history and medieval buildings, Limerick certainly draws a crowd.

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