A district which earned its name after an annual May Fair is now one of the most prestigious residential districts in London. An illustration of the above would be the shift of Cadbury’s office from Mayfair owing to the high costs associated. Therefore, in 2007, Cadbury Schweppes decided to make a move from Mayfair! This should give you an idea about the nature of this posh district.


Mayfair London has dominated London’s affluent scene boasting of a 300 year old hold on influential people England. The sheer magnificence and overpowering sense you experience in Mayfair cannot be replicated anywhere in London. The most elite and exclusive shops, restaurants and hotels are encrusted in this grand location. Three of the biggest squares namely the Grosvenor, Hanover and Berkley are pronounced in the North of Mayfair and expose you to the aristocratic embassies residing here.

On the other hand, the more commercial aspect of Mayfair London visibly lies in the Eastern side of the district. It is here that you can feast your senses with world renowned antiques, jewellery and clothing. Enjoy your walk on the two Bond streets and while you’re there, you can take a peek at Savile Row’s latest tailoring offerings. At Bond Street you can even see some of the famous auction houses up close.

Near and around Mayfair London, you can find a lot of amusements to indulge yourself in and feel almost decadent! The McLaren F1, one of the priciest cars, is on display in Park Lane and it can be yours for 500,000 pounds. If not the only reason, this should be one of your reasons to visit Mayfair. The shepherd’s Market is also a great place to explore and it opens up a new world of entertainment with sophisticated pubs, outdoor cafés and expensive restaurants.

Mayfair London has nothing but the best lined up for you and even if you can’t afford to live there, visiting this fine place is sure to take you to a heaven where everything is out of the ordinary.

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