The Mundo Marino is a park based on the oceanarium which is used for training of the sea lions and orca whales. It is the brainchild of Juan David Mendez, who got the idea from his visits to such parks in the USA and other parts of the world. The Mundo Marino is located in San Clemente del Tuyu which is about 320 Kms from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

Mundo-Marino-ArgentinaWikimedia/Marcelo Campos

The park was initially started in the year 1978 with pools for fish, dolphins and seals. Now it offers specialized training programs for animal trainers and those who are interested in marine wildlife. The beauty of the park and its popularity has drawn the attention of many wildlife professionals from all over the world, who come and stay here to study the methods that are practiced here.

At present, Mundo Marino has 20 swimming pools which are distributed all over the park in a systematic and proper way. All these pools have over 50 sea mammals, a large variety of exotic fish and other coastal animals and over 80 birds, which live here in peaceful coexistence.

You can easily find some flights to Buenos Aires or to other parts of Argentina. From Buenos Aires you can go to Mundo Marina either by using the car rentals that can be found in the hotels or you can use the seacoast route between Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata.

In Mundo Marino a grand show is organized daily for the benefit of the visitors. In this show the trainers show the visitors how the whales are able to understand and communicate with them. The trainers play games with the whales and give them rewards for their performance.  This is known as the Show de Orca. You can also buy some fish and feed them to the sea lions. The guides and trainers will lecture you about the habitats and lives of the sea lions.

You can also enjoy nature at its best in the Imagen Show which is actually a video show on an 18 meter wide screen and learn everything you wanted to know about the scientific research that is being carried out in the center, and also view how the marine wildlife of Mundo Marino are taken care of and fed

The most popular and enjoyable show is the performance of the dolphins that compete amongst themselves to amuse the spectators. The children get thrilled by the sight of the dolphins jumping high up in the air.  It is a wonderful sight indeed!