Ocracoke Beach North Carolina is one of the best beaches in the US. Ocracoke is a barrier island that is situated on the coast of North Carolina. It is not a very busy beach as it can only be accessed through boats, ferries and planes. But this beach has treasures for enthusiasts that like to tread off the beaten path.


The best part of this beach is that it allows panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. You will see the dunes and long stretches of white sand. In 2007 it was ranked as #1 among America’s best beaches.

Off late a little commercialization has made some in routes in its natural beauty. But otherwise most of the beach is just sand, ocean and sky. You will not find big resorts, hotel chains restaurants on this beach. To preserve its charm there are local inns which are charming and comfortable. The restaurants are run by local people that serve fresh sea food.

Ocracoke Island has enjoyed fame for a long time now. Visitors used to come here through Cedar Island Ferry. You will catch the first glimpse of this island from Pamlico Sound. As your ferry gradually reaches the silver bay lined with fishing and sail boats you will get a view of water tower, a few buildings and the lighthouse.

The beach has still maintained it old world charm. There are wild ponies that roam the island. However, for their safety, pens and fences have been built off late. There is viewing point to see the ponies close by. You can take snaps of the ponies from this point.

You can also climb one of the view stands to get a better view. You can read about the famous wild ponies of Ocracoke Island. If you are not looking for a busy beach with pubs and hotels then Ocracoke beach is cut to your taste. Its serenity and tranquility is amazing.

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