The Panagia Forviotissa, located close to the Adelfi Forest in Troodos mountains, Cyprus, is listed in the UNESCO records as a world heritage structure. For those of you, who have an interest and passion for historical structures and the secrets that they hold within their walls or on them, should make a stopover at this site while on a holiday to the island country.


The closest airport or rail station to go to this place is Kakopetria or Lefkosia. From there it is just 7 miles. A day is all that one requires to enjoy this Byzantine fresco covered church and also the cool tranquil surroundings. It does not have to be just a mural searching trip as it could also be combined with a picnic outing in the nearby forest area.

The church itself has been well preserved and the paintings that one would get to see on its walls are as early as that of 1105. The Earth and Sea and Christ have all been depicted in the typical manner of all Cypriote painting of that time and era.

A person would find that the eyes of the painted characters lock with their eye in whichever position one stands in. However, the eyes of most of the saints are scratched off and this is said to have been done by Muslim invaders. The Muslims had come into the region with the Ottoman conquest of the region. The colour with which the paintings and frescoes had been created is something that will hold you in awe while gazing up at the walls which held those master pieces.

The church is cared for by father Kyriakos, who lives in the Nikitari village close by. He is a busy man, either tending to the village affairs or to the pilgrims who come to this church on a daily basis. One has to reach this place by foot and there are several routes that one can take for it.

Once you are there, you will see that the place holds its own aura and will draw a visitor to its mystery and beauty, both of which one finds in equal measure. People who are well versed with the language of the painting of the ancient times would draw greater interest from the interpretation of these frescoes. The visit will not only be enlightening one but also a fun and rejuvenating trip.

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