If you are looking for a unique vacation spot in Italy, then you can give Positano a thought. The place is very romantic and luxurious. It was only a fishing village that was very popular with writers in the mid 50s of the last decade.


Its popularity as a vacation spot has led to the existence of many fashionable resorts here. The place is dotted with houses in pastel shades. The blooming flowers, along with innumerable stairs that the town has, give it a unique charm of its own. Positano has a mild climate and therefore can be visited in both winter and summer.

Located on the Amalfi coast, Positano is on the south of Naples. In its vicinity there are three islets that are considered to be the abode of the mythological sirens that were talked of in Homer’s Odyssey.

Reaching Positano is very easy. You can buy tickets from any city to Naples. It is always wise to avoid riding to Positano as parking space in the town is very scarce. Boarding a bus or riding a boat is the best mode of reaching it. The place can also be reached by bus from Sorrento, which is at an easy distance from Naples. You will also get ferries from Sorrento.

The best way to tour Positano is by foot. This is because the place has a vast pedestrian zone that is mainly comprised of stairs. If you go by bus you will dropped near Chiesa Nuova which is at the top of the village. From there you can take the winding stairs down to the town and the beach. There are buses available that go uphill and downhill and porter services to help you with the luggage. You can visit the nearby villages by talking cars or water taxis. Positano also provides shopping fun as the place is full of fashion boutiques. And of course, to round off the trip, you can have Limoncello, a popular local drink made from lemon and alcohol.

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