Argentina is a holidaymaker’s delight with its share of spectacular attractions that include a plethora of unforgettable, exquisite and beautiful places. Located at the south of the South American continent, this eighth largest country in the world has topography ranging from the towering snow capped Andes to the flatbeds of Patagonia. 

Blessed with an abundance of spectacular spots, there is no dearth of adrenaline peaking activities in this country. You can explore all sorts of wildlife in the dense temperate rainforest, take a peek at some of our fellow human beings who refuse to acknowledge the existence of modern life, straddle up on horseback to conquer the sizzling red mountains of Salta or simply go for a leisurely jaunt of all the natural wonders. Argentina is so much more than just soccer!

There is an unmistakable charm about the country which makes it alluring. Here is a look at the 15 Best Reasons to Visit Argentina.

1. Soak in the rich culture of Buenos Aires, the Capital

Reasons-to-visit-Argentina-Buenos-AiresFlickr/Nestor Galina

The heart of activity and of life per se is the capital city of Buenos Aires.  This city is the door to contemporary life beyond the forest, mountains and plains spread out over Argentina. Located on the coast of Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires is the largest city and will give you a feel of the entire sum and substance of this country.  With few reminders of its history in terms of the look and feel of the city, Buenos Aires is a place for shopping, partying, and in general enjoying the fruits of modernism.

Remarkable museums like the Museum of Colonial History, Ambrosetti Museum and Blanco Museum will completely captivate you. Buenos Aires has beautiful sites like Cathedral Metropolitana and the world’s largest opera house Teatro Colon, not to mention the colorful La Boca.

Where to stay in Buenos Aires

2. Enjoy the wilderness of Patagonia

Reasons-to-visit-Argentina-PatagoniaFlickr/Mariano P.

The southernmost region in Argentina, Patagonia allows you to experience and share a moment with whales and penguins. The area provides you with the opportunity to see the wild life wonders of Argentina.

Apart from the appreciating the fauna, you can also have a splendid time admiring the natural attractions, such as the Rio Correntoso and Lacar Lake, which are two beautiful lakes in this region. Bariloche, known as the Swiss Alps of the South America, is another spectacular destination in this region.

Where to stay in Patagonia

3. Tap in your inner beach enthusiast at the Atlantic Coast of Argentina

Reasons-to-visit-Argentina-Mar-del-PlataWikimedia/Erik Stattin + Pepe Robles

The long Atlantic coastline of Argentina is dotted with beautiful places like Puerto Piramides, which incidentally also provides the opportunity for going on whale watching expeditions. The city of Mar del Plata has one of the longest beaches that will allow you fabulous views of the Atlantic coast.

Where to stay in Mar del Plata

4. See an active volcano in Argentina


One of the finer Argentina attractions that make the holidays much more exciting is its active volcano, Copahue. There is also a fair share of extinct volcanoes that visitors can reach up to. Stratovolcanoes like Maipo and Antofalla also hold their own charm.

5. Go for an adventurous jaunt in the Andes Mountains

Reasons-to-visit-Argentina-Andes-MountainsFlickr/Phillip Capper

If you have a passion for adventure then you should make a trekking trip to the Andes Mountains, while taking in the breathtaking beauty and panoramic views around you.

6. Experience the terrain of moon on this very planet at Argentina’s Natural Parks


The Ischigualasto Provincial Park in Argentina’s San Juan Province is also referred to as the Valley of the Moon on account of its unique appearance which makes it look like an alien landform.

Reasons-to-visit-Argentina-Talampaya-National-ParkWikimedia/I, HANNAN

You should also check out the Talampaya National Park which is a World Heritage Site. Located in the La Rioja Province, it has its own out of the world charm.  

Both the natural parks can be accessed easily by setting base at San Agustin de Valle Fertil. 

Where to stay in San Agustin de Valle Fertil

7. Spot a glacier at the Los Glaciares National Park


Reasons-to-visit-Argentina-Perito-Moreno-Glacier-1Flickr/Douglas Scortegagna

Inside the park you can get a close view of the Perito Moreno Glacier, which will be a beautiful experience in itself. The second largest park in Argentina, the Los Glaciares National Park in Santa Cruz province is also home to other attractions like Lake Argentina, Fitz Roy Mountain and Lake Viedma. El Calafate is the nearest city from where the area can be easily accessed. 

Where to stay in El Calafate

8. Marvel at the wonder called Iguazu Falls

Reasons-to-visit-Argentina-Iguazu-FallsFlickr/Rodrigo Soldon

The Iguazu Falls is a world heritage site located within the Iguazu National Park in Misiones, and the nearest city is Puerto Iguazú.

Reasons-to-visit-Argentina-Iguazu-Falls-1Wikimedia/Betuca Buril

The most beautiful and unique part of this waterfall is its curved-shaped Devil’s Throat.

Where to stay in Puerto Iguazú

9. Cross a bridge of natural stone at Puente Del Inca


One of the top tourist attractions in Argentina, the Puente Del Inca is a bridge of a natural stone, standing at 2720m above the sea near Las Cuevas in the Mendoza province. There is also a plethora of hot springs nearby.

Where to stay in Las Cuevas

10. Get the most perfect view of colourful mountains at Quebrada de Humahuaca


The colourful Hornocal Mountains in the Quebrada de Humahuaca Valley in Argentina’s Jujuy Province is a delight for not only nature enthusiasts but also history buffs, as it has nearly 200 magnificent archaeological sites scattered on its picture pretty terrain. One can see stunning landscapes and archaeological sites like Coctaca, Uquia, Penas Blancas, Chulin, Independent Monument and also the Regional Archaeological Museum.

You can access quebrada from both Jujuy and Salta, where you can book a bus tour. You can also stay in Purmamarca, which is a beautiful town in itself and can be the base for your visit.

Where to stay in Purmamarca

Where to stay in Jujuy

Where to stay in Salta

11. Go on a tour of the Ibera Wetlands


Reasons-to-visit-Argentina-Ibera-Wetlands-1Flickr/Phillip Capper

One of the most important fresh water reservoirs in South America, the Ibera Wetlands in the province of Corrientes are a mix of lagoons, lakes, bogs and swamps that are home to a varied wildlife.

Where to stay in Ibera Wetlands

12. Give a High Five to prehistoric man at Cueva de la Manos

Reasons-to-visit-Argentina-Cueva-de-las-ManosFlickr/Lisa Weichel

Well, yes it is quite possible at the Cueva de la Manos or the Cave of Hands, a series of caves in the Santa Cruz Province, which contains numerous artwork by prehistoric men in the shape of hand prints. The art will not only mesmerize you, but you will also find yourself wondering about their lives and times. The interesting part is that the artwork, which dates from 13,000 to 9,000 years ago, is not random hand prints but rather stencilled art created by spray painting with bone made pipes. The nearest town, Perito Moreno, is 163 kilometres away.

Where to stay in Perito Moreno

13. Sip on some Argentine wine in Mendoza

Reasons-to-visit-Argentina-Mendoza-Wine-RegionFlickr/Alejandro Cortés

The wine production in Argentina started under the Spanish influence in the 16th Century. Today the country is the fourth major wine producer in the world. The region of Mendoza has most of the Argentinean vineyards in the country. In Mendoza you can find a huge chain of wineries, and traditional home made wines which are produced by crushing the grapes with the feet. Tourists can also visit the vineyards and take part in the harvesting activity by collecting grapes.

Where to stay in Mendoza

14. Round up all your experiences with a nice round of tango

Reasons-to-visit-Argentina-TangoFlickr/Zabara Alexander

Argentina is the birthplace of tango, and not only can you experience this dance form at various places but you can also participate in the Tango Festival of Buenos Aires, which is organized by the Ministry of Culture of Argentina. Held every year between late February to early March, the festival draws tango aficionados from all over the world. This dynamic fiesta is full of dance and music that is performed far into the night, in the clubs and cafes of the city. Some of the streets are also transformed into open air dance floors which offer free shows.

15. And of course, all that delicious food!

Reasons-to-visit-Argentina-FoodFlickr/Miguel Vieira

The traditional Argentine cuisine is simply scrumptious. You should totally sink your teeth into the mouthwatering delicacies like grilled meat from the asado (barbecue), chinchulines, mollejas, Sandwiches de miga, fideos and scones. What a perfect way to spend a holiday!