For those you don’t know, Spitalfields London is actually short for Hospital Fields! Located in East End London, near the Borough of Tower Hamlets, the Hospital after which the area is named was St. Mary’s Spital.


The entire area itself began to be built after the Great Fire of London. The famous Spitalfields market was established around the 1960s. Much later, in 1729, it was deemed as a parish. This history evokes a sense of the cultural richness of Spitalfields.

This well bonded and tightly held community has faced many changes over generations yet it has remained united even in the face of adversity. After the 1820s, Spitalfields London gained a reputation which tagged it as a lowly area unfit for living. When the Huguenots poured into London, they brought the silk weaving revolution with them. The textile and leather trade going on currently is an offshoot of the earlier tradition of weaving.

Today, however, things are very different and the area is a great tourist attraction. You can enjoy and explore Spitalfields best by foot. Tubes serve as the best mode of transport and within minutes you can reach your destination to start your expedition!

There are various museums and galleries which serve to make your leisure time a treat. You can keep yourself occupied and amused by hopping from one place to the other. If you want to see something other than the common forms of entertainment, you can visit the Old Spitalfields Market which is very interesting. It houses many market stalls filled with the offerings which the latest fashion designers have to offer. The bohemian yet wearable styles, crafts and home artifacts are a pleasure to look at. The smell of fresh food takes over your senses and you cannot help but give in.

There is so much to do and see in Spitalfields that you need an entire day to discover hidden nooks and crannies full of unseen goodies.

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