St Andrews in Scotland was where I spent my summer holidays last season. It is located on the east coast of Fife. St Andrews is known as the “Home of Golf”, and is also famous for its medieval ruins and spectacular coastline. The town is named after the patron saint of Scotland, Saint Andrews.


The historic past of St Andrews

The area around St Andrews has been known to be occupied by humans since 10,000 BC to 5,000 BC. The foundations for a church in St Andrews were laid in 877 AD by King Causantín mac Cináeda. 1n 906 AD, St Andrews became the seat of the Bishop of Alba.

The town of St Andrews of today started taking shape in 1140. After that period, it exerted political and economic influence in Europe. It was also recognised as the ecclesiastical capital of Scotland.

Sightseeing options in St Andrews

St Andrews has many attractions for visitors. The ones that I would recommend are the St Andrews Cathedral ruins, St Andrews Castle ruins, Holy Trinity Church, St Andrews University buildings and the Old Golf Course.

The ruins of St Andrews Cathedral bear testament to the fact that this was once Scotland’s largest building. Apart from seeing the ruins, you can catch breathtaking views of the wonderful sea coast from the Cathedral grounds.You can even go down and visit the coast.

Towards the north of the city, on a hill top, lie the ruins of St Andrews Castle. This was built around 1200 AD, and suffered due to its involvement in wars from time to time, especially during the medieval period. Moving on, the Holy Trinity Church is regarded as the most important church in the town. It was built by Bishop Robert Kennedy in 1144. The Holy Trinity Church was always well maintained, and in fact, in 1907-1909, it was restored to its medieval appearance. This elaborately built church is definitely a must-visit.

For a different experience, tour the buildings of St Andrews University, one of Scotland’s prestigious universities. Talk to the students, and get a feel of student life. No visit to St Andrews is complete without visiting the Old Golf Course. It was here that golf is said to have been first played, in the 15th century. You can also try playing a round of golf here, which is subject to availability.

I would say that St Andrews comes highly recommended as a great holiday destination for everyone.

Ailean, London

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