One of the most famous islands off the coast of Ireland is the Tory Island. The fact they are off shore and almost cut off from the mainland during the winters has proved to be a blessing in disguise as due to this the treasures of the island are still intact and unharmed. Some of the islanders still to seem to speak Scots Gallic. The place also gives a feel of one having travelled fifty years back in time.

Tory-Island-IrelandFlickr/Liam Moloney

The rocky structure of Tory can be seen from the coast of Donegal. The nearest port is separated from Tory via six miles of Atlantic Ocean. Inhabited for over five thousand years, there are still people that are unaware of the world besides the island. The island is about three miles long and about half a mile wide.

You can engage in bird watching with a wide variety of birds like gannets, petrels, puffin and fulmar. There are also sites of archaeological importance where professionals study the Spartan remains.

Tory Island has a King!

The place still has its King, Patsy Dan Rogers who runs a pub in the island. The life of the landlords wasn’t a cakewalk. The Tory Islanders have a history of selling “Poitin” or illegal liquor brewed in the homes that made sounds like gunshots when their corks were popped open.

The “Magical” Land of Tory

The land of Tory is believed to shower blessings and be magical. It is believed that if one pours some soil from Tory in their house then they would never have any rat problems. In fact, the place itself suffers no infestation of rats and it has been so since the sixth century when they were banished by St.Colmcille. The cows are believed to be a source of life and wealth and visitors are forbidden to visit the byres as according to the beliefs of the people there, it would result in “drochla march” or bad milk. Visitors are fed with stories of how obstinate people were punished by tying them behind the boats in Magheroarty.

Though reaching Tory through harsh seas may be seen as a tedious task, the clarity, the frankness and the peculiar quality of light here still wins you over and makes it a visitor magnet.

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