A bit of a mystery whether you view it in the early morning hours or during the late afternoon, the ancient site of Vouni in Lefka, translating to mountain in Greek, is simply stupendous in spite of being in ruins now.

Vouni-Palace-CyprusFlickr/Tony Woods

Located over 5 miles west of Gemikonagi in North Cyprus, the Vouni Palace rests majestically on a cliff top, around 820 feet above the sea level.

History and Architecture of Vouni Palace

Even though one can’t trace its origins, it is believed that the palace was built during the Persian reign in the region during the 5th century B.C. The palace got burnt down in a devastating fire in 330 B.C. On investigating later it was known that the foundations were destroyed by the inhabitants.

The palace architecture gives us a daunting feel of the power and the authority of the ruler with its flawless construction. Vouni’s architectural style makes it one of the four main palatial constructions dating from the ancient period in Cyprus. No wonder it is the best sight to catch.

Inside the site, Foctise is a monumental seven stepped stairway which leads into the courtyard downwards. There is a set up of sophisticated bathing and drainage facilities, in the northwest corner of the palace which shows the engineering marvels adopted by the luxury loving rulers of the castle. An unfinished carved face is located at the centre of a stele that supposedly represents a goddess.

Other attractions to explore nearby

A village located in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus, Phini is famous for pottery. The other main attractions in the vicinity include the painted churches of Troodos. These churches have many interesting things to see in their grounds and are always flocking with visitors.

By paying a visit to the Kolossi Castle in the area, one can see a fine example of the military architecture. It was a creation of the knights of St. John in 1454. Another place of interest is the Kourion Castle which houses one of the most beautiful relics of the ancient civilization. In the summers, this structure is used for concerts.

And, of course, there is the beautiful seafront which is surrounded by palm trees. If you are a bird watcher, then a visit to Mount Troodos is definitely a fruitful experience.

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