Affectionately called the London Waterloo, Waterloo station is one of the busiest and the most popular stations in London. Near the Southbank London, this is a prominent station which serves through 19 terminal platforms and this sheer enormity of platforms has deemed it as the biggest station by the count of platform numbers.


Talking about numbers, a whopping 100.307 million passengers were handled by waterloo station in the 2007-08 financial year. Today, this number is significantly greater than what it was in the previous few years.

Fully equipped with facilities such as ATMs, taxi rank, escalators, vending machines and telephone booths, this station certainly qualifies for as being user friendly. The massive scale on which the waterloo station is built, gives away the reason for its popularity.

While near London Waterloo, there is little that you cannot do or see since there are numerous attractions to keep you entertained throughout the day. Theatres and venues are aplenty here ranging from The Royal National Theatre and The Old Vic to The South Bank Theatre. The museum of Florence Nightingale and the Imperial War Museum are interesting places to visit and share the past glory of London.

One famous Landmark, the Millennium Bridge, is a reminder of how modernity is blended in the tradition and culture of London. This bridge can be accessed easily via the Waterloo station. The London Eye and London aquarium should not be left unexplored and you must visit them when you’re near London Waterloo since it ensures speedy travel to these places. Similarly there is no dearth of good bars, restaurants and pubs around Waterloo station which is rather convenient when you wish to take a break from sightseeing.

London Waterloo officially became ‘Waterloo Station’ in 1886 and hasn’t looked back since then. This station is a commercial hub and is forever crowded owing to its stupendous services and many terminals. There are a lot of speculations about linking it with Heathrow Airport by 2025 and once that happens, Waterloo station will reign supreme all over the world.

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