Located in the heart of London, Westminster is the historical pride of London. Housing the Buckingham Palace and the famous Westminster Abbey, the whole aura surrounding Westminster is that of old world charm.


A royal getaway, Westminster London is flanked by the River Thames and the City of London which makes you feel right in the center of all the excitement. The City of Westminster is powered by 27 tube stations and 10 of the 12 Underground lines so traveling through the City is a breeze.

The hub of all political activities, Westminster London encapsulates The Houses of Parliament also known as the Westminster Palace. A savage fire in 1834 left the Westminster Palace in ruins sparing the Westminster Hall. The entire building was restructured on a design proposed by Sir Charles Barry out of the 97 plans submitted for this purpose.

The Westminster Abbey which serves as a burial ground for over 3,300 eminent personalities is one church you have to see on your visit to Westminster. With the exception of King Edward V and Edward VIII, all royal coronation ceremonies have taken place in this historic religious site.

If you are not in Westminster London for royal or political reasons, you have plenty more to keep busy during your stay. A great way to escape the humdrum on the land is to lose yourself to the River Thames by getting aboard the Tattershall Castle. This floating pub provides enough ripples to keep your trip from being boring.

The Tate Britain, one of the best art galleries in England opened up in 1897. It is located right on Millbank and is easily accessible from Pimlico tube station. The Gallery displays the work of British artists right from the 1500s! Its more modern counterpart, the Tate Modern established in 2000 did divert attention from the original fine art connoisseur but the Turner Prize is still held at the Tate Britain.

With a juxtaposition of power and leisure, Westminster refreshes history and takes you back in time as well as provides a luxurious setting to do just what you want to do.

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